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Saturday, January 8, 2011

What's Hot? Go White!

What's Hot? Go White!

What's Hot? Go White!

Author: Karla Anzora

Don't be afraid to wear white this summer. Stop thinking white will make you look bigger. If you know what style to wear for your body type there is no way you can go wrong.

Why does White not look good on me?

Colors are not your enemy. It may be the print, texture, style or cut that is not working for your body type.

Style and Fit

The most common mistake is to buy a particular style that you absolutely love, but does not complement your body type.

Mix it

White is a neutral color you can mix it with any color. Here are some ideas for this summer,

Wear white with navy, white with yellow, white with red, with green and black.

Do you have a personal style?

Have you identify what colors or prints look better on you?

Here's an idea, If your shape is small to medium do not wear big bold prints they will overpower you, instead wear delicate prints that will enhance your body. Make a statement with a bold color, shape, or print accessories such as shoes, scarfs, purses, bags, earrings or necklace.

If your shape is Large, wear bold prints, dark colors, avoid small prints they will just make you look out of proportion, balance your body shape by using medium to big prints, choose woven fabrics avoid knits.

Tips for curvy body shape

Pieces that fall smoothly over your curves

Pieces that are nipped at the waist & narrow at the knee

Tops the reveal skin at the shoulders, collarbone or cleavage

Skirts & dresses with slits to show your legs

Jackets with a top button right under the bust

Slim cut pants

Monochromatic separates

Pieces that incorporate vertical detailing

Outfits with clean lines

Wrap-style blouses & dresses

Long-sleeve tops or those that end just above the elbow

Raglan, dolman and kimono sleeves or any that allow extra room in the armhole

Tops with quiet verticals, like seams or a long, thin lapel

Fabrics that drape but don't cling

Flat-Front or side-zip pants & Skirts

Jackets & tops that are nipped at the waist

Empire-waist tops and dresses

Narrow pants-if you have slims hips and legs

Sheath dresses that skim the body

Single-breasted coats

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About the Author

About Karla's

Atlanta Image Consultant Karla Anzora, founder of Miranda's Image Consulting a former Fashion Design student of FIDM & AIU University with several years of experience in image, style, color, design, wardrobe & Silhoutte.

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