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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Paris Hilton Exposed Paris Hilton Exposed Paris Hilton Exposed

Paris Hilton Exposed

People on the internet have been feasting on Paris Hilton’s personal items auctioned off due to alleged Paris’ Lack of payment for a storage locker. The personal items included were private materials like medical documents, videos, notes, passports, receipts checks, among other things. Paris Hilton exposed, the popular name of this recent auction on the net happened on January of the current year. The site which has been operating on this is The site is still running on and showing Paris using drugs, and hooking-up.

This is not surprising to some after Paris Hilton have had a sex video on 2003 which even won directorial merits. Paris Hilton exposed just made things a little bit spicy adding some flare to the issue. Furthermore, Paris Hilton obtained a temporary injunction to close the site. After sometimes, the site resumes on running.

Sex Video
Before Paris Hilton exposed, a Paris Hilton sex video had proliferated on the net and even on DVDs. The sex video involves Paris and her then boyfriend Rick Salomon. This video had been a worldwide sensation in the year 2003. The video was titled ‘1 Night In Paris’ and was even made available on DVDs. Un-Fortunately for Paris, the sex video gained merits and obtained three AVN awards in 2005.

In an interview with Barbara Walters, Paris said that these things would not have happened to her had she acted smarter, and not dumb.

What People Say
Different people have their own say about Paris Hilton exposed. Those who favor Paris and those who hate her disclosed their airs and sentiments on the net. But generally, more people who hate her have chosen to voice out than those who favor her. Below are hodgepodges of the things they said:

Some said that Paris deserves all these. They said that if she was a nice person, these things wouldn’t have happened to her. Furthermore, some said that people already knew that Paris is really that kind of person but they only couldn’t see, but with Paris Hilton exposed, they actually saw.

Some argued that to Paris this negative publicity is still publicity. They said that perhaps her publicist has been working overtime (a subtle sarcasm). They continued saying that Paris is dumb to leave her personal items behind.

Some voiced out to rescue Paris. They said that Paris is such a classy girl. They said that they couldn’t understand what’s with the other people. They believe that Paris will get this over with.

Some also don’t care whether Paris hooks-up. They said that Paris is an actress and singer. She entertains. Why mess about her private life? People have sex, anyway. They believe that Paris Hilton Exposed couldn’t change the way people see her.

Some people feast on Paris medical certificate. Paris Hilton exposed really had it coming.

Paris Hilton Exposed revealed so much about Paris and even some things about her sister Nicky. These things would not have been so, if she had not acted dumb to leave her private things behind. She really had it coming…

About the author:
If you are keen on finding interesting information about Paris Hilton, then you have come to the right place. Check out our website Paris Hilton Just Me and see what she actually had to go through while starring in the reality series ‘The Simple Life’. Fasten your seat belt, it’s going to be a wild ride!

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